Kev Chino

Kev Chino’ is an American based, musical artist and indie rapper, based in the U.S., Baltimore, Maryland.

Kev Chino' “Trap Phone” (Freestyle)Music. 2017.

3 month ago

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Kev Chino' is an American actor, musical artist and indie rapper, based in the United States, Baltimore Maryland. Best known for his works as an blogger, actor and fashion model. Accidentally, Kev initially dived into the rap music scene in early-2014, emerging into the Youtube Music world by mid-2017. With freestyle ‘Trap Phone’ reaching social media popularity, within just weeks of it’s initial release. At the time Kev’s focus was aimed more towards life as a blogger and social media influencer. However, soon after unexpectedly developing a ‘unique cult’ of listeners, he decided to debut even more unreleased freestyles to his fans. What started as a mere hobby, was considered a new ‘wave’. Many of Kev Chino’s freestyles were, what he calls “random and unexpectedly heard from the public…” His music usually features raw sound, embodied by subliminal messages buried deep within the music he produces, like purposeful distortion. Highlighting various forms of music genres.