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[Service] What kind of app is SeeSo?

SeeSo Music is a fan-centric artist growth platform.

SeeSo Music is a fan-centric short video platform where new or underground artists (musicians) can create fandom to promote and improve themselves.
Both artists and fans can upload a video to start communicating to one another.
Thanks to fans’ sponsorships, artists will gain new energy to create music and develop their career. From SeeSo Music 3.0, artists will be able to get practical support.

SeeSo Music, with all new designs and features, is available for iOS users first. Please wait just a little more for the Android version

[Service] How can I upload a video?

You can directly record a video or upload one from your library.
Use press and hold or continuous mode to better capture live performances.
Record short videos, enter the description and tags to upload.
If you allow SeeSo to access your location, you can search for venues near you or add one yourself.

[Service] What kind of contents appear on the feed?

The home feed is shown differently to each users.

The most recent videos posted by you or your friends appear at the top. At the bottom of each video you can see the date of upload.
SeeSo recommends contents you might like, based on user preference. If there are any events, it will appear during a set period. You can participate in the event on the details screen.
If the push notification function is switched on, you will get notifications when someone gives your video a heart or if your friend uploads a video.

[Service] How can I create an unique video?

You can choose two recording modes.

The default mode is the ‘continuous’ mode. The camera will keep recording a video until you press the camera icon to stop.
‘Press and hold’ mode lets you create a dynamic video by shooting multiple cuts.

[Service] How can I “Heart” other people’s videos?

You can give hearts by tapping the screen while the video is playing.

Unheart by tapping the red heart icon at the bottom of the screen (multiple hearts will be cancelled all at once).
If the person who uploaded the video has the push notification switched on, they will be notified that you hearted his/her video.
When you tap the heart count at the bottom of the video, you can see the list of people who’ve hearted the video.

[Service] How can I delete a video I posted?

You can delete your videos by tapping the More icon on the lower right side of the video.
If you delete a video, it cannot be recovered. Please think carefully before deleting.

Note: Information editing function is currently not available but will be updated as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

[Service] How can I delete my account?

Do you wish to leave SeeSo?

“Please think again!”
SeeSo will keep updating various functions for our users such as musician pages, business model for fans and musicians etc.
If you still want to delete your account, send us an email (
After going through a confirmation process, your account will be deleted.

[Service] What do I do if I found an inappropriate or copyright infringing content?

Have you found an intentionally offensive, inappropriate or copyright infringing content?

Report video

1) Tap the More icon on the bottom right of the video
2) Select ‘Report’
3) Choose the reason of reporting and tap ‘Report’ button

Report user

1) Tap the More icon at the top right of the user’s profile
2) Select ‘Report’
3) Choose the reason of reporting and tap ‘Report’ button

If the video or user needs to be removed from the app immediately, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Send us an email ( with a short explanation and we will reply after checking the video or user and taking action on the matter.

[Artist] I want to change my artist profile

Unverified artists can see the information entered during sign-up on their profile page but cannot edit until verification is complete.
Verified artists can change their profile picture or edit basic information.
However, ‘About Us’ cannot be edited by a user at this moment. If you wish to make a change, please contact the help center. ( Editing feature will be updated soon. Thank you for your patience

[Artist] How can I become a verified artist?

From rookies to those who already have a career going, any musician can become a verified artist after a short process.
SeeSo Music wishes to create a stable “creation” environment for verified artists.
A verified artist can communicate with fans by uploading videos introducing themselves and their music to form a (bigger) fandom

[Artist] How do you verify artists?

We go through the submitted profile and information (introduction, label, location based, social media etc.) to see if it is valid. This takes approximately 7 business days.

Necessary field
• Artist (band) name, full name, email or mobile authentication, ‘About Us’, genre, tags, images etc.

[Artist] What is the verification process?

When you sign up as an artist, you need to enter basic and specific artist information. After it is submitted, you will be verified once the confirmation process is complete.
Generally, we will inform you the result within 7 business days via email. (Make sure you have entered the right address)

Once you are verified, you can get sponsored as well as use all features on the artist profile page

[Other] Can a fan become an artist?

Anyone who wishes to communicate with fans with his/her music can become an artist.
If you already signed up as a fan, you need to create a new account as an artist and get verified.

[Sponsor] How can I sponsor an artist?

SeeSo Music is creating a sponsorship ecosystem so that artists can focus on their music projects steadily and continuously. Fans can sponsor their favorite artists in two ways by tapping the ‘Sponsor’ button on the artist profile page.

① Gift sponsor: Sponsor Star Candies by sending items (Americano, Movie Ticket etc.)
② Star Candy sponsor: Sponsor up to 1,000 (purchased) Star Candies

More about sponsorship

• Fans can sponsor gifts or Star Candies multiple times
• Fans’ sponsorship help artists financially so that they can focus on creating music
• Other than Star Candies, fans can support artists with hearts. On artists’ videos, express your affection by giving as many hearts as you want or by commenting or sharing. Keep being interested in your favorite artists’ activities and root for them.

[Sponsor] Can I sponsor only once?

You can sponsor multiple times with Star Candies you have and can recharge if you do not have enough.

Fans’ sponsorship help artists financially so that they can focus on creating music

[Sponsorship] How can I help my artist, other than sponsoring?

Other than Star Candies, fans can support artists with hearts. On artists’ videos, express your affection by giving as many hearts as you want or by commenting or sharing. Keep being interested in your favorite artists’ activities and root for them.

[Sponsor] How are Star Candies redeemed?

Exchanging Star Candies to cash

In order to exchange sponsored Star Candies you have received into cash, you need to go through the following process:

① Request transaction via email including username and attaching a copy of ID and bank book
② Transaction and requestor confirmation
③ Transfer completed every 15th of the month

• You must include username and attach a copy of ID and bank book when sending request email

[Sponsor] What is the criteria for redeeming sponsored Star Candies?

A minimum of 700 Star Candies is needed to exchange, and request is available in 100 units

• 3% income tax and 0.3% residence tax is applied to all transactions, no matter the amount. (App Store tax rate may vary according to country)
• Total transaction amount is calculated based on value of one Star Candy and will be transferred every 15th of the month. (If the 15th is a weekend or holiday, transfer will proceed on the next business day)
• Transaction can be refused if requestor and user information does not match
• Sponsored Star Candies that were purchased using illegal methods (using someone else’s Apple ID or credit card information) will be cancelled without notice to the sponsor/purchaser
• Please manage your email so that it cannot be used illegally
• General income tax must be reported, regardless of the exchanged amount
• Star Candies are valid for five years after receiving

[Payment/Cancellation] How do I pay/manage/cancel regular sponsorship?


• Payment will automatically be renewed or proceeded every 1/3/6 month(s) by the payment method registered in the app market.

Manage and Cancel (iOS)

* Cancel
1) Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘iTunes & App Store’
2) Tap ‘Apple ID’ > ‘View Apple ID’
3) Tap ‘Subscription’
4) Find the regular payment item you wish to cancel
5) Tap ‘Cancel’

• Regular sponsor benefits will continue until the remaining period, even after cancelling regular sponsorship

[Refund] How do I refund in-app purchases?

All refunds of Apple App Store in-app purchases is processed directly by Apple. Therefore, we apologize SeeSo Music cannot assist you during this process. To refund, please follow the steps below:

1) Select ‘Account Information’ in iTunes
2) Tap ‘See All’ on ‘Purchase History’
3) Review the item to refund and tap ‘Report a Problem’
4) Select a reason for cancelling the payment
5) Enter a specific reason, if necessary, and submit to Apple

If you could not find an answer to your question, please contact the help center.